New song , written.recorded, and mastered in Ardour

Hi All
Not sure if we can post links to our stuff.
Here is the new song completely made in Ardour.

Cheers Bob

Hi wavesound,

The link appears to be broken. Get a “Oops, we couldn’t find that track” from your link.

Apologies Please try this link:

Thank you.

@wavesound same deal buddy. What’s your soundcloud username? I tried searching “wavesound” but there’s a few by that name and none of the profile pics look like what you use on here.

Try this:

Just go to songs
Cheers Giving sound cloud a miss as they now charge to upload.


The link doesn’t go to any particular artist’s page. Also, soundcloud only charges once you’ve uploaded over 2 or 3 hours worth of music.

@wavesound, that’s strange but your original post is now linking to the song. The vocal melody reminds me of solo Eric Clapton. The fuzzed guitar sound is pretty cool. Were the drums acoustic or sampled? Sounds great, thanks for sharing.

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Good sound, nice song. What is weird for me is, while using Firefox, Soundcloud only plays using the left speaker with Pulseaudio showing it as being 5.1 sound. Chrome plays it fine however. Weird!

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I didn’t realise that, No problem then Cheers.