New song With new Mic

looking for some critism to improve my recordings

Man that’s some brutal distortion on the lead. It kind of take away anysense of dynamics by chopping off every peak.
On the other hand i like how it sometimes seems to bring out the octave, i.e. the 2nd partial. Not sure how that works, isn’t distortion meant to bring out the odd partials? Anyway, maybe it’s the way you played the filters.

Thanks man, some of what you said went over my head but I am sure that I will learn what they mean soon enough.

Lead guitar tone that only Frank Zappa could love. :slight_smile:

Rhythm guitars sound fine.

@Ricardus, dont know how you intended it but I will take it as a compliment :slight_smile:

It certainly wasn’t an insult, but I will say this: Frank often recorded some unusual lead guitar tones. :slight_smile: