New song: "Stone"

Hello again. Time for a new tune with more of my oldest daughter’s artwork.

As always, thanks for listening!!!


Love it! Wonderful! :grinning:

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@samwoodblack Thanks so much!

The shit! Really cool man! Since Break Free I AM a fan, please keep bringing them :+1::clap:

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Not my style of music, but this is very well done, and great job with art work as well!

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@Rodney_Wallace Thought you might like that one… :slight_smile: Thanks!

@speak Thank you! Yes, she has come a long way from that kid drawing on napkins!


Your mixes and sounds keep getting better and better! Great work!

@GMaq Thank you! I keep plugging at it… :slight_smile:

Awesome @cchoowee! Gosh! i really need some lessons with you to learn how to have good sounding guitars (ok, playing well like you i think is not possible for me anymore :smiley:)

And amazing artwork too!!

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Good job! I’m getting in to recording rock, also. This is much better than anything I can do at the moment. I really want to get good at recording/mixing/“maybe mastering”. I was wondering if you think someone could get a quality of a song/sound like a pro recording? I.E. Tool or Perfect Circle quality?? There are many other examples but these are the ones I’ve been really listening to the most lately. The guitars/drums/bass on these albums are so massive and didn’t know if you have ever heard of any recordings, from Ardour, that may hold a candle to them?? Again, great recording and keep them coming!

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Thanks @theflockers! I appreciate the feedback. I also appreciate everyone being so supportive of my daughter’s (both of them) artwork.

For what it’s worth, couple of tricks learned/stole from others over the years for recording guitars:

  • I always record guitar tracks in stereo. Some people think is a waste when doing a lot of layers anyway, but I think sounds sound much better to use stereo tracks and panning.
  • I try to go for a “composite” guitar sound. I’ll often mix a high freq eq’ed guitar sound on one side with a low eq’ed on the other side. Each guitar sound by itself may be OK, but things really sound more interesting when they are mixed together. Also adds clarity, I think.
  • One trick I do sometimes run the same part through both a relatively clean sound and something with higher gain. You mix the clean side so it adds some punch to the attack of the notes, but then you get the nice ringing sustain of the high gain side.
  • I reamp quite often. It helps if your audio gear lets you record both unprocessed and processed output at the same time. Sometimes I like how I played something, but the sound’s not quite right. Other times what I played just doesn’t seem to be working and then sending my performance (the clean guitar part) through another processor makes it work.
  • Not specific to guitar, but use the best gear you can afford/borrow/steal. I also find that new/better gear can be inspirational. You want to learn and play more when things sound better.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks again.


Hi @Russ!

Thanks for your comments! I also like those bands you mention and, yes, their audio production is stellar.

I think some of the recordings like @GMaq has done sound really good, but no, I can’t recall hearing anything in that vein done in Ardour. But, having said that…

I tend to think of the DAW itself as transparent. I’ve used others (was big Sonar user for a while, Reaper, etc.), but I think it all “sounded like me” or “sounded as good as my other gear” in each. I use Ardour mainly because I like the workflow (I’m geared more towards recording audio rather than heavy midi/sequenced stuff), I like the support model, and I’m a big Linux fan and that’s the environment I want to use. The things that I think make a bigger difference on getting “that sound” are:

  • Your playing ability. The better you can play your instruments, sing, etc. the better it’s gonna sound.
  • Your gear. In my opinion, things like good guitar processors, high end microphones, and high quality plugins do a lot more to shape the sound than the DAW itself. I guess there are probably some plugin formats that maybe another DAW supports that Ardour doesn’t (and vice versa), but I haven’t really found this to be a limiting factor for me. But then again I’m a dude recording music in my basement… :slight_smile:
  • Your knowledge. This has been the hardest for me. I mean, I can always play more guitar and save up for the new tech toy, but understanding how sound can be twisted and shaped and what effect different processors have on the sound takes time. I recommend if you can to spend some time in studio and get a project done (or lurk on a friend’s studio project). It may cost a little money, but by spending real time with engineers and asking questions (without being too annoying) you will learn so much.

So, again in my opinion, if you took like all the performers from A Perfect Circle, all the outboard gear, and all the producers/engineers and just swapped out Pro Tools (assuming that’s what they used) with Ardour and any necessary plugin replacements might need to make (different plugin formats, etc.) you would still end up with something sounding very similar.

Very good song (crunch/hot guitars) and an amazing art :slight_smile:

Hey @Ric_Sensever,

Thanks so much for your comments and checking it out!

winning combo of dope eighties guitar sounds and bitchin vintage paperback cover art!

I can totally see the music video now – does your daughter animate too? :slight_smile:

Hi @johnzo,

Thanks for checking it out and your comments. She does most of her artwork on the computer, but haven’t seen her do any animation yet. I’d love to do a tune along with an animation from her. Gonna bug her about it… :slight_smile:

Thanks again