New song: "Sceptic"

Hey folks, this song was composed with help from musescore. The contents were exported as midi file. Many tracks were rendered in real time from the midi tracks, some others recorded as audio – e.g. vocals :-).

Mixed and recorded with Ardour on Debian Linux. The video was created with Kdenlive, also on Linux. A natural choice for me!

Glad you like it. It is actually my first try at orchestrating. Maybe I should check out Gentle Giant, I just know the name of the group by now.

On the other hand, I do actually like progressive rock a lot (Kansas, Rush, Dream Theater, Ars Nova, or predecessors like ELP, Procol Harum etc.)

hello Wolfus great job, the composition reminds me of some performances of the Gentle Giants famous progressive music group of the 70s, certain sound solutions bring back to mind a beautiful musical period. :slight_smile: