new song: blues under pressure


A new song recorded with Ardour 2.8 :

Lyrics and more music at

Btw, a big “thank you” to Mike Taht for supporting the Frontier Tranzport. Very helpful device, very nice to be able to use it with Ardour.




Another ringer!

I can smell the cigarette smoke and whiskey. I don’t know if you play keyboards or not but to my ears a little B3 or even Rhodes piano would sit in there nicely as well, but that’s just an opinion… all in all another great track to add to your list.

Hi G,

We are of one mind. I’d love to hear a B3 in there, that’d pin it down good. :slight_smile:

Alas, I play keys even worse than I play lead guitar.

Thanks for listening, I always welcome your opinions & suggestions.



Hey Dave,
This is awful!! Did this really happen to you?
Just kidding.
Sounds great! And I actually like it as it is, without any organ, raw. Reminds me a little bit of Lyle Lovett, North Dakota and She’s Already Made Up Her Mind.
I just got into Ardour, but have been running Linux for a while now. I made a remix for a band here in LA. I’m not set up for recording, yet. Soon.
Anyways, this is a great inspiration to get my recording gear (a purchase will be necessary).



Thanks for listening and commenting, BB. Yeh, I’ve got used to the sound now “as-is” but I’d sure like to experiment with its arrangement. All I need is time and a few better players. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your venture into Ardour, and don’t hesitate to ask questions here, we’re all helping each other.



PS: The events in the song didn’t happen to me recently, though the life I’ve led has had its share of such times. The factual details have been changed but the soul remembers the feeling. And thanks for the comparison to LL. :slight_smile:

Great track, soothing, interesting.

What plug-ins did you use for the solo giutar? Just curious…


Hi mixit,

From the top down: TAP Tremolo, Simple Delay, Simple Amplifier. The CAPS Versatile Plate Reverb is applied on the master track.

The guitar itself is a $99 Dean I bought on-line. Such a deal. :slight_smile:



Dave, this is a groovy song. I may practice to it, improving my rusty solo skills. :slight_smile:

BTW, »Spring of 23« is such a beautiful song. I cannot stop listening to it. Thank you!

I am not so knowledgeable about this matter. So i have to learn it. Thanks for the post.

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Thanks for sharing information.Cheers dogfence.

Hi jan,

Thanks for lending your ears. Btw, I’m sure your rusty skills are more impressive than my practiced efforts. Knowing real lead guitarists makes it hard for me to record any leads that sound good to me. In the end I usually wind up just jamming, then I go back to carve up the results to cut & paste a hopefully bearable solo together. I love modern music technology. :slight_smile:

Thanks too for your comments re: The Spring Of 23. It’s one of my favorites too.



comments welcome, don’t be cruel, it’s my first song under Linux !!

Well Dave,

Thanks for positive comments !

Am not so good, it can explain what you said about harmonies… nothing you can hear as missed is a will, but the limits of the player… Have the same critic about vox, but I’m not supposed to do that in the band ! This tune was a test, before record our music, just a test to take some control on the apps ( don’t want to be lynched by my friends cause the stuff doesn’t work ! more seriously : like to forget about technic when it’s time to rec )


Great work stratojaune thanks.

Bedwetting Boys

Hi Fred,

Hey, that’s pretty good ! But you should post it under a new topic heading here to get more people to listen to it.

There are some moments when the harmonies aren’t perfectly coordinated, but perhaps you meant that to happen ? My main critique is about the vocal. In my opinion it’s under-recorded, I’d want it further forward in the mix. The performance is very good, don’t let any of it disappear. :slight_smile:



Hi Fred,

You wrote:

“-IMO- all you miss is a little more “heat” in sound to achieve your goal, don’t know how to say it in english, maybe you feel it too ? But like that it’s really cool to hear, indeed !”

One of my singer friends suggested I record it a half-step up or even a step higher. She said she likes the sound of my voice with a little more tension. When we play it live we do perform it a step above the original key, my voice doesn’t carry so well in the lower range when I play with the band.

“Would you please to tell more about how you record all instruments ?”

Everything is recorded live except for the drums, I use loops for the percussion. I’ve described the guitar solo sound in another post, the bass guitar was recorded with no special attention (beyond the fact that it’s a really nice bass), ditto for the rhythm guitar. I’m very Old Skool about my song recordings, everything is recorded hot and processed only a little afterwards. I like the CAPS Versatile Plate reverb and the SC3 compressor in the Master track, the combination of those plugins gives me the ambience I want.

Typically I create the drum tracks first, then I add the rhythm guitar or bass, then the vocals, then the lead guitar parts. Simple stuff.

“… where can I go to put some music available to share on the web ?”

There are many hosting sites available now, some free and some not. The Internet Archive is a good free site, maybe you can upload some of your stuff there:



Hi Dave,

Thanks for the link, will test it tonight (now at work) and let you know if it works.

Yes maybe tune up will add some, not sure of that, my feeling was something like “put more in the tube preamp”, anyway cool song !!

Maybe loops gives that feeling something’s missin ?

You don’t use Jamin to achieve your songs ??

That helps a lot you can be sure, thanks,

Hi Dave,

great song, sounds so roots to me… What mics are you using ?

Hi Dave,

So, in this Chess view, you need to buy a good noisy ventilator… Or was it only in Sun’s studio that people sweat less ;o))

-IMO- all you miss is a little more “heat” in sound to achieve your goal, don’t know how to say it in english, maybe you feel it too ? But like that it’s really cool to hear, indeed !

Would you please to tell more about how you record all instruments ?

And, if I can add another question : where can I go to put some music available to share on the web ? ( think you put yours on Linux Sound cause you work with them )

Thanks again to share your music and knowledge,

Hey stratojaune, thanks for listening and commenting. :slight_smile:

Mics are a Shure SM58 and a Yamaha MZ106s (that came with an old 4-track). I use both mics in a simple l-r arangement to record the vocals, their differences give me two slightly different-sounding tracks to work with after the initial recording.

I’m glad it sounded “rootsy” to you. My goal is to recreate Chess Studios in my living room. :wink: