New song all made in Ardour 3.3

I hope you guys enjoy this one, completely made in Ardour 3.3

  • Drums made in Ardour, played by Hydrogen
  • Every other sound tracked with different techniques, mics, using different preamps, pedals etc.
  • Most plugins used were LinuxDSP, Calf GIT, Invada, Voice Retune by ZITA Retune LV2 (first time i use it, good results).

Mix and Master was made using 1 pair of 5" monitors and a couple of headphones, considering the amount of plugins used on master bus and the mix/master room conditions i will remix and remaster in a friend’s studio that has other software on Mac and he has a lot of experience mixing and mastering, but since i already kind of like the result i thought i would be nice to share it in this thread before i work on it in the other studio.

Thanks for listening!

@fernesto: Pretty good!!

I’m not really a rock-fan, but nive work! The snare has to less power for me. It needs more body. Maybe you can layer or EQ it? And a liitle bit louder…

Ehhmm… I meant nice work. (not nive)

Good song, great sounds from the guitars and drums. Voice could be out front a little (?) more. Nice rich sound throughout the mix.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: