New single: Stone Cold

Hi, guys. I’ve got a new release. I’m very proud of this. Please, give it a try.


Sounds good to me (even on my mobile, dont have proper speakers around)
Like the song writing and arranging, many little surprises to keep interest.
and the voice.

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Hi rjimsota,
As in my ears, it sounds Bon Jovi+Led Zeppelin and it’s good too :slight_smile:

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I Love it !!!
The atmosphere, the vocals, the guitars, it’s just beautiful ! Congratulations !

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Thank you dude. If I managed to keep your interest to the end, I’m very happy to hear that.

Ha, ha. I’ve never thought in this mixture. “Bed of roses” + “Thank you” into the shaker… Thanks

I’m glad that you guys liked it. My voice and my guitar playing are not so good, but I tried my best. My strongest point is the musical song writing. Thank you all