New single - Desiderata

Hi guys,

After a while i’m posting my new single “Desiderata”.

The song starts quiet but (imho) ends with a grand finalle :smiley:

Tell me what you think! For the good and for the bad!

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Hi @theflockers!

I think it sounds really good. Still no words in English… :slight_smile:

I like the wide stereo spread, but think the bass could be a bit louder. When you spread things out like that, sometimes the bass can get a little lost. Maybe bring it up a little on the low end or don’t go quite as wide.

I really like the sound of the vocals. You have a good voice. Might try dubbing in some background vocal harmonies. If only I could understand the words… (OK I’ll stop now… :slight_smile:)

I definitely think this is the best you’ve done so far. Great job!

Hi @cchoowee! Thanks for the feedback! I tried to use some sidechain compression trying to get more bass but at the same time i was struggling also to have some punch coming from the kick and it my have screwed the bass mixing. Also i think i’ve added too many elements in the song what increased a bit the complexity for someone that just started recording.

I confess that i really tried to write something in english because it could give me a wider audience, but after some words i was not convinced because of my lack of “poetic english words” :smiley:.

Don’t need to stop telling me! I promess i won’t give up. I might find some partner that can help me writing in a proper way. I really don’t want to end up writing some non-sense lyrics.

Thanks again mate! Cheers!

Nice! The intro sort of reminds me a bit of The Smiths. And that’s obviously a good thing. : )

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Thanks @lordbullingdon! I like smiths very much (Morrisey not much anymore :frowning:) but does not matter… they were a great band. I’m trying to write something in english for the next release. Let’s see if i can!