New single - Desiderata

Hi guys,

After a while i’m posting my new single “Desiderata”.

The song starts quiet but (imho) ends with a grand finalle :smiley:

Tell me what you think! For the good and for the bad!

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Hi @theflockers!

I think it sounds really good. Still no words in English… :slight_smile:

I like the wide stereo spread, but think the bass could be a bit louder. When you spread things out like that, sometimes the bass can get a little lost. Maybe bring it up a little on the low end or don’t go quite as wide.

I really like the sound of the vocals. You have a good voice. Might try dubbing in some background vocal harmonies. If only I could understand the words… (OK I’ll stop now… :slight_smile:)

I definitely think this is the best you’ve done so far. Great job!

Hi @cchoowee! Thanks for the feedback! I tried to use some sidechain compression trying to get more bass but at the same time i was struggling also to have some punch coming from the kick and it my have screwed the bass mixing. Also i think i’ve added too many elements in the song what increased a bit the complexity for someone that just started recording.

I confess that i really tried to write something in english because it could give me a wider audience, but after some words i was not convinced because of my lack of “poetic english words” :smiley:.

Don’t need to stop telling me! I promess i won’t give up. I might find some partner that can help me writing in a proper way. I really don’t want to end up writing some non-sense lyrics.

Thanks again mate! Cheers!

Nice! The intro sort of reminds me a bit of The Smiths. And that’s obviously a good thing. : )

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Thanks @lordbullingdon! I like smiths very much (Morrisey not much anymore :frowning:) but does not matter… they were a great band. I’m trying to write something in english for the next release. Let’s see if i can!

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dig how it starts like the Smiths and the Cure here but then moves in a more classic rock direction, esp with the solo in the fourth minute. And your Portuguese singing sounds great!

I am hearing the weaker bass too – I just read somewhere that bass is usually mixed mono to keep it punchy.

Hi @johnzo. I did not know about this bass trick. I will try it for my next song. And thanks for the feedback!

Bass is usually recorded in mono because humans have trouble placing low frequencies in space. The directionality (if you will) of low frequencies is more ambiguous to us. There’s not much point in panning bass.

I reread the comment after some days and remembered that the bass is already mono. The track has two channels but not panned. I might just remove the Stereo channel next time to make it more clear.

But thanks for the explanation!!

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The reverb on the snare has a nasty low end muddy rumble. Cut the low frequencies from the snare reverb!

Hi @speak. Thanks for the tip. I was a bit afraid to cut too much the low end and have a snare sounding too thin - i am not even sure about this statement, but was my feeling.

As i am still learning i will keep this in mind for my next mix.