New Short Film - Melt

I used:
Recorded on site:

intel mac
RME Fire Face 800 @ 32bit 96khz


Dell Latitude E6400
RME Fire Face 800 @ 32bit 96khz
FFADO 2.1 Driver under Ubuntu
Low-latency stock kernel

The Film is called “Melt” a pay it forward story. Here is the link for the trailer There are three films there 2 of which have been recorded and mixed completely on Ardour3. (Silent Universe and Melt) If you want to see the whole film you can stream it for 24hrs from the site or buy it permanently. It is fund raising for our next films.


Dominic Kaiser


Wow! this is really cool stuff you are doing, so great to see Ardour employed at this high level of production. I am going to check out purchasing these films. Best of luck with your future productions!