New session template dialog

One of the differences I’ve seen in Ardour6 (pre1.156) compared to 5.12 is that starting ardour with -N (to create a new session) no longer starts with a Session Setup dialog with a choice of templates. Is that intentional?

Yes, you can specify a template using

-T, --template <name>       Use given template for new session

Yes, thanks - I was aware of that option (although I have to admit I’d forgotten about it until I started playing around with A6 the last couple days), but in the absence of that option, A5 pops Session Setup to ask, and A6 just goes straight to a default session. If that’s as-desired, it’s fine by me – just thought I’d mention it…

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Strictly speaking, this was a bug in Ardour5.x, earlier versions directly proceeded to the Editor, too.

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