New Project Band Rehearsal - Two Cameras + Field Recorder

This is a new project in Ardour and our first time using the video timeline. Thank you Robin Gareus, also for the x42-eq :+1::desert_island:.

We were looking for a solution to easily record and mix band rehearsals and live gigs. It was recorded with a zoom field recorder and two cheap digicams we can set up fast. The goal was to convey the live feeling.

All the gear is old-school from craigslist and the footage edited on Ardour, Mixbus 32c, Kdenlive and Gimp. There’s no effects on the master bus nor on the vocals to maintain the rehearsal sound. I’ll probably change this next time, though. Some reverb might hold the mix together and compressor would help the vocals.

We avoided a clicktrack - which I really like. A bass, kick and tambourine were overdubbed.
Sure, let us know what you think and how we can improve.


Hi @somethis1,

Sounds really good to me. The vocals were really clear. Good job.

Thank you for the feedback, @cchoowee :+1::sunglasses: It is helpful, since it was hard to judge the vocals. I did test the mix on my cellphone, but that’s it

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