New plugins made for ardour...

Dunno if they compile on macs… only made for linux.

looks promising! gonna try them right now :slight_smile:

Kewl… downloaded and in use!!

Very hot, thanks. Look forward to others as they come out of the oven:-}

the one band eq does not work at all for me. The 8 band is fine.

I’d like to see a stereo GVerb

I’d like to see a stereo GVerb

Fons Adriaensen have already made one, it’s included in the REV-Plugins package:

Will look at the 1 band eq again… I’m sure I had a working version at one point, I just must have missed putting it in there.

I noticed that I must have miffed the volume on the Chorus, it’s a bit down from where it should be. A simple boost should be fine until the next version (although, that does wonders for saved sessions, doesn’t it? I guess a big red note on that might work). I should probably make a 1x2 of this chorus, even though it’s only a slight alteration of the one by Fons A… it goes a long way for “normal” recordings.

Thanks for the tip on the 2x2 gverb by Fons A. Will have to examine, I must have skipped that.

Also - Ardour 2.5 (which I just put on) now turns 1x1 effects into 2x2s “properly”… however, you still save some processing power when you use a “real” 2x2 effect, because some of the intermediary calculations can be made twice (although, this may not ALWAYS be the case).

Thanks for all the comments!

Any request for other effects turned into 2x2s, by the way? Gotta love opensource for doing stuff like this.

Ok, version 0.2 is out… same URL as version 0.1

Should be a vast improvement.


Will update soon.

I assume just delete 0.1 and run make to install 0.2?

make all
make install

type just ‘make’ doesn’t work (sorry, I’m lazy about the Makefiles).

You can just delete 0.1…

It’ll overwrite all the 0.1 libs just fine.

Perfect, these eqs are exactly what i needed! Thanx a lot!

Hello SoCal. If i’m lucky and that you come to read this one day, what about a LV2 version of the LEET plugins one day???