New PC existing Ardour license key?

Hi guys, I recently rebuild a PC for use in audio production with the Windows version of Ardour. I purchased a license for Ardour but have recently purchase a new system and would like to set this new system up with Ardour and get rid of the existing installation.
I’m trying to recall how I purchased Ardour and what the license key was. I looked in the menus within Ardour but couldn’t find this information.

How would I obtain the license key to apply it to my new installation of Ardour?

Ardour does not have a license key. If you have the executable file you originally downloaded, you can just copy it onto your new system and run the installer. The license of Ardour allows you to copy it onto as many computers as you want. You don’t have to delete it off the old computer.

HHmm thanks Gunther. I’ll look for the original Exe file but what if I no longer have that on the original PC. Will I somehow be able to apply my existing license (purchase just a month or two ago) to a newly downloaded Exe file for Ardour?

Were you logged into when you purchased it? If so, you may be able to log into the site and re-download it. Otherwise, I think you need the invoice number and will have to email Paul for assistance. You could also pay as little as $1 (or more if you feel it is worth it and want to be generous) to get the latest version. Be aware that “donating” a $1 does not give you access to the program. You have to purchase it.

That is correct. You can directly enter it at (linked from the FAQ).

Thank you guys. I actually found the original exe file in my records. I was logged in when I purchased the license.
Thanks again guys for the support.

You didn’t mention what version of Ardour you have. If you have 6.9, that is the latest. If you have 6.7 or 6.8, you should be able to log into and download 6.9 without paying again. Depending on the amount you paid for Ardour (+/-$45), you may or may not have access to download 7.0 when it is released. 7.0 won’t be released for some time, though. FYI.

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