New (old) song

I uploaded a new song to my site.!music/c1hxk
It’s called Freedom. I made a 4 track tape recording at a friend’s house in 1991 I think. My wife heard it and insisted I record it. I will probably re-upload when I can get a better vocal take. I haven’t ever really practised singing since my bar band days in the 90’s.
I wonder if anyone remembers recording something on a cassette deck, playing it back while playing along and recording that onto another deck.And then doing it again and again. In those days, which was really not that long ago, a home setup would typically have a four track cassette, a cheesy drum machine and maybe a reverb, eq and compressor. That would involve a fairly considreable cash outlay. ( or probably credit) We should be really thankful for awesome free software like Ardour and Hydrogen and the hundreds of plugins and also Linux in general and the fantastic distros like AV and KX.


Wow, that sounds pretty great for tape source! Either you did a good job of recording it at the time or are pretty handy with EQ’s. Nice job, I like the respose vocals too on the chorus and that snare is fat-ass!

I laughed about what you said about making do with what was available in the old days, I’m also a veteran of bouncing reel to reels all the way up to Tascam DA-88’s so I agree Ardour is a real blessing in comparison…:).

Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work on both new and old!

Ha ha. I didn’t reuse the tape. It sounded awful. I re-recorded it from scratch in Ardour. The fat-ass snare is from your Black Pearl kit.