New Mixbus Version 2.0

New Mixbus Version 2.0

Nice improvements.

And the price went up considerably. I was going to buy it for $79 just to play with, but I can’t justify the new price. Shame.

same to me, looks good the new version, but 100€ for an upgrade is just too much for a software i bought 2 months ago…

I hope someone at Harrison is listening. I mean, it’s a lot of software for that price, but not when you just had it for sale for $79. Ardour does everything I need, and when I can afford to contribute more directly to ardour, I will. Las gets 100% of it that way.

I am fairly certain someone at Harrison probably is listening considering Ben posts on these forums pretty often:)

That being said, having been using MB2 for several months now, I will tell you that the majority of my work now gets done in MB with Ardour being sued for tracking etc. At least till I get my hands on A3 or get it working on OS X again:) I will also say that I did find it difficult to switch back to MB1 when I needed to help someone through a problem as there is a fair amount of workflow changes that make a significant difference for me personally, especially if used with track and session templates;)


I was a bit surprised to see the new Mixbus 2.0 for sale especially for us the linux users since the first linux release was apparently the last one from the 1.0 series, just a few months back when it came out and a lot of us purchased it, now they released 2.0 and we have to repurchase it, I think what Harrison could of done was release the first linux version under 2.0 (actual) and that way we could all start with a fresh payment-version path, like most of the mac users that had the free updates for many months for versions 1.x…

Just a thought, not bitchin’… because I understand that part of the money goes to Ardour devs, and I totally support that, but still I think they could of done it that way to make it a bit easier for our wallets.

So anyway, I’ll see what I can do to purchase it before the 10th of this month with the discount coupon we got…


I think this is a case of inconvenient timing more than anything else, I think time will tell but my guess is that Mixbus updates to the 2.x series will straighten this out in the long run. You have to remember it was a very bold move for Harrison to put up a Linux version in a market where people are used to being spoon-fed whatever they ask for for free, I wouldn’t be surprised if sales were softer than expected in the 1.5 version, in fact in some forums etc. there was politically negative reception. Many people don’t realize that a LOT of work was done by both Ardour devs and paid Harrison people to perfect the standalone binary bundles that we all enjoy now in Ardour 3.0 and that Mixbus development influence/needs have benefited Ardour users greatly.

I agree and empathize that the step up to Mixbus2 seems a bit abrupt, I personally am just glad to see that Harrison is hanging in there, they could have easily dipped their toe in with 1.5 and said ‘where is the market here?’. I think for Linux people to get used the idea of commercial software is going to take a while and I’m thankful that Harrison is willing to commit to giving it some time.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the thing, it’s just “inconvenient timing”, I don’t mind paying money for linux software at all, it’s just a bit too soon for the linux users since we just got it to kind of drive-test it.

I was surprised too, but the calculation for me was… 79$ + 99$ … thats 180 bucks for a Mixbus 2.0 with IMHO fantasic possibilities, so thats perfect to me. Together with an AVLinux… a dream. Just compare with a M$ OS and let’s say Cubase.

And as some gentlemen already stated here, it’s an indirect way to support Ardour (what I additionally do directly, and will keep on doing).

The biggest cut for me will be when Mixbus/Ardour get’s more hungry on resources, that’s the time to update hardware, a well known M$ illness.

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Maybe Harrison could extend our $99.00 coupons instead of just 10-12 days to something a bit longer especially to Linux users?

This is what the update e-mail says at the beginning:

It's been 18 months since Harrison released Mixbus on Mac OSX. We've released 7 free updates since then, and a new Linux-compatible version. Now we're pleased to introduce a major new update!

I’m not saying to extended the coupon to full 18 months, but kinda make it a little longer for us to catch up with the expenses…

Because now I feel like dumping Linux and switching to Mac just to feel a little more…“privileged”? (sarcasm)

“I’m not saying to extended the coupon to full 18 months, but kinda make it a little longer for us to catch up with the expenses…”

@joegiampaoli : I totally agree with that! it s ok to pay for a major upgrade, but that they expect everyone has all of a sudden 100€ extra to spend within a view days … they should know better…

i think so too - extending the coupon to some reasonabel amount of time would be a perfect solution for me.
2 weeks sometimes really is not enough of time for some of us to pay 100 dollars…


Well let’s hope they do listen and understand us, I placed a comment on their facebook page explaining pretty much the same issue, if anyone wants to help explain the situation here it is:

the answer i got per mail was that after the 10th of june there will be a new update offer for mixbus2.0 (so more than 100$ less than 219$)…

Let me see if I got that one straight…

So we purchase version 2 with our $99.00 USD coupon, then immediately we have to purchase the update (or fix) for that version that will cost us another $100 USD??? That is if we buy it in time with our coupon, because if not the fix will cost us +$200 USD?

Is this correct?

If that is so, they are releasing version 2 with flaws on purpose to push us into the fix?


I hope I am misunderstanding…

Sorry Joe but you´re indeed misunderstanding !
I have no idea how you came to that impression !
Calimerox just said that after the first update offer till the 10th of june,
there will be another offer.

This means imo that from the 11th of june, there will be a new update offer (surely more then 100$) … for updating customers not for the fix !
Rising prices are not pleasing, but no reason for thinking of a rip-off :wink:

Ok I did have the wrong impression then after all.

Listen, I don’t mind like I said paying for software, or even if prices went up, the thing is that I feel the coupon time limit is a bit tight, like I said before, mostly for the Linux users since we just got Mixbus a few months ago (those who purchased when it came out), I can’t imagine what some users that purchased it 2-3 week ago must feel like!

I really think the coupon expiration time should be extended, mostly if a lot of mac users had a whole 18 months of non-expense worries!

Do you understand where I’m trying to get to?

I totally understand where you´re coming from and where you´re trying to get to !
Me too I think the time limit is a bit tight and extending this limit would be a good idea,

but that has nothing to do with the upcoming fix !

I am in active e-mail contact with Ben and I did found the “embarrassing bug” immediately after the release.
So they will surely not let their customer pay for that kind of bug/fix !

So no more conspiracy theory needed :wink:

For those who are wondering what MD is referrring to: there is a bug where the new mixbuses 5-8 don’t recall correctly, This is fixed and we hope to release the new version today. -Ben

Would I be correct in assuming that MB2 is still being built off of Ardour 2.8.11?