New linux audio plugins

I’ve written some plugins for linux / jack / ardour, they’re free to download, more will be happening soon. Apologies for this shameless self-promotion, but I just want to get some of this stuff to a wider audience, if anyone wants to take a look, listen, download etc, go to

I think ardour is a superb project, I wrote the software I have so far, for my own use with ardour and other linux audio software - I hope its of some use to other people, if you have any questions, bug reports etc, use the contact info on my site and I’ll endeavour to help.


Nice work! Now we’re getting somewhere…

A Couple of questions:

Any plans for an EQ? Desperately needed in Linux!

Can I include your plugins in my small Audio Distro, A/V Linux?

I would second a vote for LV2 support, Plugins this nice NEED to be inside Ardour!

Excellent work, very impressive,

the bug has been fixed, thanks :slight_smile:
However, although the GUI looks nice and all, I am not particularly impressed by the result. I get better result with jconv and certain impulse response files. But that’s a start. I hope you’ll come up with more stuff. Keep it up :slight_smile:

hey! looks great …

however … I don’t want to sound negative but I tried your reverb plugin SR2(the i686 binary) and it was a disaster : some huge noise came out of my speaker (sort of very loud white noise), not at all a reverb effect. But it started OK : nice GUI, ports visible in the jack graph. I just tested a very simple setup : system:capture1 (EL-guitar) to SR2 ins, SR2 outs to system:playbacks. Input level more than reasonable, outputs as well without SR2 (I also disabled hardware monitoring with SR2 on). I am not a beginner in all this, that’s my dummy test setup with other software effects like guitarix or rackarrack. SO something’s wrong in your binary. You don’t want to provide the source code ?

thanks a lot for your ‘self-promotion’.
very nice stuff!
but for my knowledge, those are not plugins, but a stand-alone appis.

any plan you will do the reverb in LV2 format?



Apologies, I’ve had a look at the code, seems there’s a bug that can happen when you run at more than 48KHz sample rate, I’ve posted a new version on my site that should fix the problem, works ok for me, as I said, I don’t want to hijack this forum for stuff related to my plugins, so if you have problems contact me on my site. Many thanks for trying it out.

ha! I do run at 96kHz :smiley:
Will try your fixed code.

how about source code to compile for 64 bit systems?

x86-64 binary?
Looks like the source isn’t availiable, but is there a way you could build for AMD64? I’d love to check these out, (as I’m sure others would) but there is no binary I can use.

Thanks… looks good though!


-linuxdsp opinion-


don’t know if someone is still reading this, but some updates and opinions:

Nearly all plugins are now also released for amd64 (everything under “recent” here:,
and I totally love the EQs (Gmaq, you asked for it)! Mono and Stereo Channel EQs + a Stereo Master EQ. Maybe they’re more intuitive, maybe really better than other free EQs, but I get much better outcomes in my mixes. Just add it as an insert and punch in some bass… love it!

See ya,

When recording on top of existing material Ardour can do latency compensation, positioning the recorded material where it was intended to be when recording it. Monitoring options include monitoring with external hardware bedroom furniture (a feature supported by some sound cards), monitoring with Ardour and monitoring with