New IRC channel

I was thinking the other day that it would be great if ardour had another irc channel maybe “ardour-users” in the same way that mythtv has one for devs, and “mythtv-users” for general help. This will help newbies to ardour or linux audio or even audio in general to get up and going without the frustration of waiting for a forum response. I remember the website forums being brought up in the mailing lists, and many thought it was pointless…but it’s SO active…I would feel like I could contribute a lot more by sitting on #ardour-users channel. At the moment I pop into #ardour to annoy devs about issues…and I wonder how many people ask simple questions that takes up our devs precious time on this channel, when the larger ardour community could easily and quickly help on another.

Anyone else agree/disagree?

I realize I’m probably an exception, in that due to my current internet situation, my computer is unable to connect to the internet directly so I spend 99 percent of the time reading the ML and forums from my phone, since my phone can’t connect to IRC. (I don’t suppose anybody knows an IRC client for Windows Mobile…)

Having said that, though, I think having a channel for dev and one for users is a good idea. When I get my internet situation fixed, I, too, would love to spend some time on the channel and help newbies out.