New Ideas For 2020

Here are some ideas for the future:

  1. The option to Add/Remove our own filter of favorite plugins in the “Favorite Plugins” filter tab (in the Mixer List window). And if we press on “Add new Filter” (or add new “group” maybe sound better) small window should open and ask for a name for the filter. And after that we can choose new plugins as favorites and add them to our custom filter. (They will be presented in “Show All” filter but also in our own filter that we just created.) For instance, we can create new filter called X42 and than we can add all of our x42 plugins in that particular filter which will be part of the “Favorite Plugins” filter list.

  2. Visual display of the pressed notes (when we are using actual midi) in the Midi track piano roll like in this picture:

  3. “Set as Default” option in the Rulers window. In that case, when we open Ardour next time this will be remembered.

  4. Small icons to be added next to this options (Transpose, Legatize, Quantize…) when we right-click on the midi notes. This will be really nice to see.

  5. Custom icons on Action-Buttons in the upper right corner for all of the shortcuts which are already created by default. For example here is number 6 but actually it’s “Normalize All Tracks” shortcut. It will be really nice if there was “N” or some other symbol to represent the function.

  6. The opportunity to edit midi notes in separate window where we can have some additional options there (more advanced for chords, notes, quantization and so on…)
    Every time we select any MIDI track, new option should appear for Notes Editor. And we can choose either to edit as usual like always or to click on “Notes Editor” to edit in separate and more advanced window.

Тhere are many more ideas. Maybe some similar to mine, or totally different.
If someone has any interesting ideas please add them as a comment to this post.

With love and respect,

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While we REALLY appreciate new ideas, especially carefully thought out ones, please do NOT add or post them here on the forums.

Feature requests (and bug reports) benefit tremendously from having a defined workflow to discuss and track their progress. They belong at

People are free to discuss them there too.

And yes, we deeply regret that the logins for are not linked to the ones at / If someone who knows PHP and SQL, and preferably a little bit about both Mantis and Drupal, and wants to spend a day or four implementing a name-conflict resolution approach to “uniting” the two user databases, that would be great.


I didn’t know…I will move this post to the tracker .

I’ll save you some typing on the tracker. regarding suggestion #5.

If a script does not specify an icon, Ardour 6.0-106 now shows the first char of the script’s name instead of the default number.

PS. The general issue is coming up with nice icons for a given action. I’m not sure how one would visualize “normalize” in a small pictogram, and that is even one of the more simple batch actions.

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Thanks a lot ! I just created account on Tracker, but can’t figure out where and how to post. Thanks again for this. You can send them the pictures too.

Re #6 search the forum and tracker for “piano-roll”. It’s unlikely that Ardour will ever support editing MIDI in a dedicated window, and that issue alone can lead to a very long discussion.

1,2,3 are fine suggestions. #3 will also need a bit of discussion (currently some of them are automatically displayed when you change snap etc).

#4 will also require some good visual design which is hard to come by.

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