New do I hear playback

(nwt) #1

I’ve just installed ardour and recorded a short bit of acoustic guitar as a test, but I can’t hear playback. What do I do? I’m using Windows 10.

(Robin Gareus) #2

It might be easiest to resolve this interactively
Menu > Help > Chat

A general bit of advise: Follow the signal path and check the level-meters in the Mixer Window:

  1. Does the meter on track move and show a signal?
  2. Does the master-bus meter move?
  3. Is the master-bus connected to system-playback outputs?
  4. Is Ardour using the correct soundcard (Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup)
  5. Is the soundcard’s mixer not muted, speaker or headphone connected, amp powered on…

re (1,2) perhaps the track is still record-arm’ed or using “In” put monitoring (not “Disk”)

re (3): in the screenshot below “1/2” -> default left/right output