New Focus target - "Last Editor Element"

I find myself often having to zoom in and out to move around Loop and Punch range markers, due to the way the horizontal offset is caculated and compared to mouse moves (eg: sometimes a move shifts the track element 240 units, but if the original offset is 120, and I want to move to a 0 position, I need to zoom in until the move offset is reduced to 120). It would be very nice if the focus options had one that would remember what I was last interacting with, and use that as the focal point. This would be very handy for the ranges, and when interacting with track elements.

I have also run into a situation where it’s possible to move the end location marker past the 0 point (keep moving it to the left), and its position loops around. The UI doesn’t go out that far though, so I kind of “lost” the end marker. It would be nice to be able to right click on the location marker bar, and have “set position as start” and “set position as end” choices in the menu.

It’s a really lovely piece of software, these little nitpicks aside.