New fairly eclectic, progressive music, on a budget

Hello Ardour world,

I love this software ever since I discovered it a couple years ago! Like many others, I wanted to break away from the challenge of proprietary software and be able to open up my pent up artistic expression. I finally found it with Linux. I’ve used a few variations in the past of Ubuntu (openartist, artist-x). But now, since I know what works for me, I’ve switched to a simple version of Fedora 14 64-bit and only added programs I know I used.

So, I have uploaded some of it here: Please keep in mind that I am only a rudimentary sound engineer and I am only really looking for a way to express my music. I would love to find others to work with, though, especially if my style of music is at all appealing. It is what I call progressive: some rock, some minimalistic, some hard, some classical, some ethnic, most odd meter. I like soundtracks, backing tracks, especially since melody tends to elude me except for strict instrumental songs. I wish I knew a good vocalist to work with! =_)

As I say in my notes, I use Ardour (currently at 2.8.11), Hydrogen, ZynAddSubFX, Creox, Rakarrack (awesome guitar fx!), FluidSynth and maybe something I am forgetting. For equipment, I’ve only recently began using my bass again (Fender Heartland 5 string, but the electronics broke, so my son cobbled together passive circuits for now) and just got a cheap Squire Bullet Strat (but it works!). I also have a Tornado Eclipse electro-acoustic (except the pickup broke in this as well). For a midi keyboard controller I use a Yamaha PSR-420 that my grandmother gave me and a PSR-60 that I got at GoodWill for $ 6. I interface them with a MOTU Micro Express parallel port (I’ve seen a lot of people have trouble with this in Linux, so let me know if anyone needs help and I’ll give it a try). Yes, you can do a lot for under $1000.

I use an M-Audio Delta 1010LT for a sound card and a custom built computer that I can’t even begin to cite what it has because my son did it for me. I’ve had it for about 4 years, though and paid around $600 for it. Mastering I just use JVC somewhat cheap headphones and some surround sound system I got for $60 that sounds pretty good.