New external USB Sound interface.

I am looking at updating from my Lexicon Lambda.

I would like 8 inputs. At the moment we are just all plugging into mixer and I am recording stero from there.

Is there a list of compatable hard ware or does any one have any recomedations?

Here is a recording fro the weekend.

I used to work with Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0 FX and it worked fine. I suggest you to take a look at some FireWire products (I currently use Profire 2626).

Agree on firewire. Take a look at the firewire audio device supported list here:

I use a Presonus Firestudio Mobile.

The firewire card you use is important. For best results (unless using a specific firewire 800 device) use a firewire controller card that is firewire 400 and only Firewire 400 (i.e. 1394A). The ffado project has some other advice on which card to use:

You don’t need an expensive one. Mine is a “SIIG 3-Port FireWire PCI Express Card Model NN-E20022-S1” that I got from newegg for $23. That one has the VIA chipset.

BTW, I got the presonus on ebay for $169 w/ free shipping, the card and a 6-pin firewire cable from newegg for $32 combined – so just about $200 for 8 input ports (6 line level, 2 instrument/mic). That ain’t bad!

I have always shyed away from firewire products. I will look into this thanks.

And those prices are much better than the $2000 unit the music store was trying to sell me.

@graphit. 26 inputs. that is serious stuff.

also have a look at

@graphit I just orded the Profire 2626. but looking at it says the device is not supported under linux. are you using with linux?

@Buddhab: Teoretically 26 but this number decrease when you record in higher bitrate. Let’s treat this thing as a 8 input device. It is great for drum recording. 8 analog inputs doing their job. No noise, great sensitivity. It would be very useful for you, according to link on soundcloud. I have recorded every single piece of drums on separate track using Yoga microphone drum kit. I found very good opinions about them over internet. Profire + Yoga + waves plugins (CLA Drums - 150$) and it sounds really, really professional.

@Buddhab: No, I’m using it with Mac OS. I’ve never really liked using Linux.

@graphit I posted this in the linux section hoping for advice for linux compatible hardware. I now have the 2626 on its way from OS. I should have been more spercific in my origanl post.

@Buddhab: I still got that Alesis for sale :wink:

Don’t despair!

Even though the M-Audio Profire 2626 is listed as “not supported” in ffado support matrix, there is some encouraging data here:

So try it out before you send it back – it may work fine!

That’s some news for Buddhab :slight_smile: If it really works he will more than happy :slight_smile: Ardour 3 + Profire 2626 are definitely great couple. Unfortunately not for OSX users. Yet…

My profire just arrived. Any recomendaitions on a FireWire card?

Update: I installed a firewire card and the 2626 is working well. I just needed to update to the latest FFADO and it work first go. So far the most I have record is three channels at the same time and it was without issues. Thankyou for everyones input.

@Buddhab - Have you done any recording at 192KHZ? Does this unit work under Linux at 192KHZ?

I have done some recording. just our jam sessions, Can now confirm that I can record 8 channels simultaneously . How can I tell if it is 192KHZ? is there a setting in Jack?

if u r going to record, edit and mix, you should learn until u master it.
Jack is most important part of your system. best open source digital patch bay and synchronizer, and and and.

did you see that under sample rate in Jack -> Setup…

Hi guys, i’ve been working with 4 different interfaces: Profire 2626, Saffire Pro 40, HDSP 9652, and now a Scarlett 18i6, when i got the 2626 i couln’t get it to work but there were strong signs it could be done eventually with some more work and patience, however, the Saffire Pro 40 works GREAT with linux even thought is firewire and support is limited, now if you use a normal mATX or ATX pc i strongly recommend the RME choices, which work over PCI and JUST WORK no hassle setting it up, and the mixer is basically the same as in in Windows, all features work, and lastly the Scarlett 18i6, which is a great small USB interface, is great also, got it to work with all features except a mixer and Instrument/Line switch which is software activated, but i got it to work down to 11,6 ms latency which is pretty low, however to just clarify and only from my experience:

mATX PC?? = RME HDSP (up to 26 input channels via ADAT and SPDIF only)
Firewire??? = Saffire series (up to 18 input channels via onboard Pres, ADAT and SPDIF)
USB only?? = Scarlett (up to 18 input channels via onboard Pres, Line inputs, ADAT and SPDIF)

all those can take up to 18-26 input channels which is A LOT, and most of them have direct monitoring which simplifies most recordings.

hope this helps a bit.