New EP release - 100% Ardour


I’m really happy to share the video of the single from an EP I’ve been working on last year, which is now finally seeing the light.

In 1-2 days the whole album will be available on Bandcamp too.

Everything has been recorded and mixed in Ardour (using and external mixing desk and a multichannel audio interface).



Very interesting! I like it a lot… but the volume is very low… is that intentional?

Nice! Glad you like it!
The volume should be pretty much standard (can’t remember how many LUFS by heart, but whatever is the streaming average, I think around -13/14 LUFS).
I didn’t do the mastering myself but, I checked it when I got the files.
At a fist listen it doesn’t really seem to be quieter than other tracks.
I quickly compared it with a Massive Attack track (just to pick a well produced band) and there isn’t all that difference in perceived loudness.

Well it seems my Linux Mint had switched the secondary sound card in my setup and when I changed back to the primary all sounded OK… sorry for that.

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Here’s the link to the entire EP :slight_smile: