New community driven online project, Libre Music Production (LMP), launches today

Make music the free, open and easy way with Libre Music Production!

New community driven online project, Libre Music Production (, launches today, Sunday 17th August 2014.

This new resource focuses on promoting music creation and composition using Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS).

The idea of Libre Music Production (LMP) was born out of a perceived lack of integrated resources, and in particular a lack of information aimed at new and non-technical users.

By providing hands-on material submitted by the community, such as guides, tutorials, articles and news updates, Libre Music Production shows you that there is great FLOSS audio software out there, and also how to practically use that software to make music.

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This is a seriously great idea. I hope that having a central place for information about music production using free/open software will help more people get involved with and raise the profile of amazing projects like Jack, Ardour, Calf, Guitarix etc…

Great stuff indeed. It would be great to see the Ardour 3 tutorial links added to the Video Tutorials section of the Ardour Support page.

“A workflow that works” … It’s frustrating for the musician not to be able to play ! If I write a document I can just start up Libre Writer and go. It should be pretty close to that for music. I also think this is great if it helps more people “get” what Jack Audio is. It’s still treated as “just another audio system” in some places. Once understood you too can have a studio like Lee Scratch Perry ! -