New column in plugin manager

I have just compiled Ardour 2.8.4 and I found there is a new column in the plug-in manager that is called ‘Hid’.
Does anyone know what that is?

Okay. I know that probably means “hidden”. But what’s the effect of this?

Hopefully it will hide the LADSPA plugins I never use and leave me with a less cluttered plugin manager. :slight_smile:



It removes the entries from the context menu that happens when you first right click in the plugin area in the mixer strip. The one that has various entries for sorted by creator and now category, as well as where your ‘favorite’ plugins go. Does that make sense or should I try to describe it in a different manner?


That makes sense to me. I think it’s useful.
Thanks for the Information.

Scary Hallo

Hello Everyone

Is there a way to delete the plugins that i dont use from ardour?

Ladspa plugins are .so libraries that you normally have in /usr/lib/ladspa and/or /usr/local/lib/ladspa. If you move a file from there to a backup directory somewhere else (or just remove it), ardour and any other ladspa host will not see it.