New classical recording to share

Hey all,

I have a new classical recording to share with you all! It’s a recording of my brother singing the Pearl Fisher duet at his half hour recital this past semester (he is singing Bass-Baritone). It was recorded with a stereo set of AKG SDC’s suspended in the hall. I am finally satisfied with the post production to have others hear it now (as the hall didnt sound great). Below is a link to an .ogg mixdown of the master. I hope everyone enjoys listning to it as much as I do! Also, let me know what you think about it!

PS. I mastered this recording with mostly LinuxDSP LV2 plugins (all plugins used were LinuxDSP except the LADSPA hard limiter and Barry’s Satan Maximizer).

I see there have been at least 8 downloads of this song. Cmon people, what are your comments?!

aah Bizet, les Pêcheurs de Perles :slight_smile:

I could only listen to it on my crap laptop. I will give it a thorough listen in my studio when I have the time. Your brother’s french is pretty good :wink: He can sing for sure!

But as a first (and maybe wrong) impression, it seems that the singing is more affected by the room than the piano. I’ll get back to you later …

I can sense the room they are singing in - it is not as big as the rooms where this kind of music is normally perfomed, not nescessarily a bad thing - makes for a touch of intimacy and cosiness …

If the singers had microphones closer to theirs mouths, you would have greater control of the production - but possibly that would have impeded or even disturbed the performance…

THe singers are very good - can’t give a more qualified comment than this as i am not very familiar with this kind of music.

What sound card did you use and with what sample rate (kHz)?

I didn’t actually record this. I just did post production. It was recorded by my school using a Tascam direct to disc recorder probably set at 24 bit, 92k . The mics were set up in an xy stereo pattern.