New CD! and any ardour users/studios near Halifax, Canada?

I have been working on a record with a band called “The Greatest of
Ease” for a couple months now.

(If anyone is interested, preliminary tracks, converted to mp3, are at:


The two principal members of the band have moved back to Halifax,
Canada, which is a considerable distance from where I (and they used to) live (Nicaragua).
There are still a few tracks left to do, and vocals to redub.

Are there any ardour users/studios in/near Halifax? I’ve sent a copy of
the Ardour project to them (or rather, with the lead guitarist, who
hopped on a plane today), and I’d like to find someone who can work with
them on the remaining tracks, or perhaps help bootstrapping his machine
up to ubuntu studio.

Do you consider 20 hours of driving “close”? I guess it’s closer than Nicaragua…

It takes me 20 hours just to get to Guatamala!

Well unless you find someone closer, they are welcome to finish tracking at my makeshift studio. It’s located near Grove City, Pennsylvania (US), which Google Maps tells me is a 20-hour drive from Halifax.

EDIT: removed the url to my site… the spambots that hang out on had already started hitting the blog. :frowning: