New AVL-Drumkits Buskman's Holiday Percussion Kit

Really good job!!

This could be a step forward in the direction of an acoustic drum kit. In the future…

Noticed it in today’s update. Thank you Robin, very much!

Just tagged v0.7.2 which features the rug really ties the room, uhm kit, together. :slight_smile:

Available from x42 AVL Drumkits Enjoy!


Somehow this latest release tarball on Github ended up containing a directory avldrums-lv2-0.7.0, not 0.7.2 like the release has been numbered. Not sure how this happened, but it breaks building the rpm package in Open Build Service.
I can of course fix the rpm specfile to work around this, but I thought I rather should point out this issue here, assuming that some version string seems to not have been updated somewhere Github looks at when packing the release?..

Video Demo with both Buskman and Blonde Bop.


I don’t see this here, perhaps a temporary glitch at github? Can you elaborate, perhaps at Issues · x42/avldrums.lv2 · GitHub (or IRC later)?

Ah, stupid me! I made an error at updating my download service script…
Sorry for the noise, all fine now