New Arranger in Ardour 8 is awesome!

Thank you for adding the Arranger feature to Ardour! I tried it out this morning and it worked flawlessly. It was easy to use! This is an awesome new feature!

I did notice a few things :
– If the “start” marker is in the arrangement section, it gets moved as well when that section is moved. I am thinking the end marker may also get moved as well, but did not try it. After manually moving the start marker, everything was good.

– When renaming the Arrangement section, by double clicking the Arrangement ruler, the pop up box is titled “Rename Mark”. It would be better if it was ‘Rename Arrangement’ , ‘Rename Section’, ‘Rename Arrangement Section’, or similar. The Mark ruler can be close to the Arrangement ruler, and I had to double check what I clicked to make sure I was not renaming a Mark.

–Arrangement Ruler is not enabled by default. Is this intentional ?

Thank you!

Yes, it is awesome. Or rather WILL BE when it is finished…
Try to move section and make UNDO.

In my screencast below I selected an accoustic section in the middle of a song, then move it (with shift) to an end.
You can see the red highlight stays where it was, it was not moved with the section.

Then I made “Undo” and the song structure is totally messed up. Have a look:


Wow. undo/redo of 3 point edit should already be 100% reliable and has been so far with beta-tests. This is appalling.

Please open a bug report and describe steps how you managed to break it - or attach the session which causes this. Thanks in advance.


Bug tracker has no option for “8.0”. I’ll report it under 7.5 with bzipped session attached if file size limit allows. How to make this attachment not accessible by other users? “View Status - private”?

Yes, or if the session is too large, please send it to me by email

Done. Bug reported, link to the session sent by mail (bz2 file, 55MB). Thanks!


I did not run into a problem using nightly I was using the View Editor (Shift + L) list and dragging sections around. I also tried dragging to the end and undo. It worked fine.

I did notice that the sections are not linked copies, and if any are modified, you will have to select which one you need, (modified or unmodified) but they both have the same name in the View Editor and may cause a little hiccup if someone is not aware of the way that works.

Maybe I experieced this problem because my session is… maybe not big… actually I don’t know how to name it. The session contains some tracks, audio and MIDI, with a lot of clips (regions), audio tracks are edited (slip edit) and combined again… But “what is not forbidden is allowed”, isn’t it? :slight_smile: I hope Robin will figure it out. He’s a genius!

There is no doubt he will figure it out!

The session I used was created in the nightly, and was 3 Audio Files, and 1 MIDI track that was created using the Ardour Drum Beats.

It sounds like you ran a little stress test and maybe found a problem!

Fixed now in 8.0-rc2-23 - Thanks to @skygge for a good bug report!

Tech details:

It was a bug caused by a combined undo operation.

Note that in New Arranger in Ardour 8 is awesome! - #2 by skygge above, the audio-region extends across the section boundary.

When moving the “empty space” forward:

  1. The audio-region rippled backward filling the gap.
  2. Since there is overlap, the audio-region is split at the section boundary. This effectively creates two new regions replacing the region from (1).

Since the region from (1) is no longer present, its state was not saved as part of the combined undo operation.

So undo just put the region from (1) back, removing the newly created ones but not undoing the ripple.


Please check Session > Properties > MIDI > MIDI region copies are independent
The default changed a while ago.

Apologies, my post was not clear. I was speaking specifically of the arrangements. What I meant by linked (by arrangement events)is that if a track is added and events are added to that arrangement later, arrangements later in the timeline are not affected. They do not get the new event. If you want the updated arrangement, the exact arrangement with the event added has to be dragged. Other arrangements with the same name will only copy what they are associated with at the time of their creation.

I hope that clears up what I was trying to get at.

I was trying to think of a way to differentiate between ‘original’ and ‘copy’ of the events. Maybe a ‘^’ symbol in the beginning the copy name ? A darker color / shade of text for the name ?

No issue, just something for the user to be aware of when moving arrangement and editing.

Thak you!!! Now the arranger is awesome :smiley:

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I’m really enjoying Ardour 8 release candidates.

I’ve seen and understood the Harrison video dealing with sections on youtube, but am wondering if more has been added and also, how does the arranger bar relate to this - is it merely visual markers, or is there further functionality?

Many thanks

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