New Ardour user manual (from FLOSS Manuals)

There is a new manual for Ardour available from FLOSS Manuals, a primarily volunteer organization dedicated to providing documentation for FLOSS ("Free Libre Open Source Software"). In this case, long time Ardour user and advocate Derek Holzer organized a week long effort to get the basics of the manual in place, with great results. At this point, there are more than a dozen contributors who have helped the documentation effort. The contents continue to expand and improve - you can volunteer to help out too if you wish. Read what Derek had to say about this on the Ardour forums.

This manual does not replace the reference manual that Thomas Vecchione is organizing - the FLOSS Manual one is much more oriented around specific workflows rather than providing a comprehensive reference for Ardour. They will complement each other nicely. You can read more on the reference manual effort here.

Took a glance at it and looks nice. Nice images on setting up the audio interfaces on mac.

As someone who worked with FLOSS Manuals on Inkscape manual during a book sprint in Paris in 2008 I’m very glad to see Ardour covered as well :slight_smile: Many thanks to Derek, but also many thanks to Thomas Vecchione!

You can thank me after it(The Tech Ref) is done;)

Or better yet you can thank me by submitting more work to it:)


And by the way, Derek and crew did a great job on this, it is a nice introductory workflow manual and well worth the read for anyone new to Ardour(Or maybe even if you aren’t new to Ardour).


Thanks Paul for posting this! And of course to everyone who helped during the book sprint. Also looking forward to the encyclopedic Ref Man!!!

That looks very nice! Good information and nice graphics, that’s how a manual should look like. Thanks!

Just reading the manual and it is an AMAZING job thank you so much for it, you make me a proud open source software user.