New Ardour Subscriber - Excited and Happy to Support!

Hi everyone! I love to tinker and make music in my small home studio. For many years I’ve used DAWS and plugins in Windows but I’ve always enjoyed playing with Linux. I’ve tried Ardour a few times in the past but since I mostly work with MIDI and VST instruments, I quickly ran back to Windows.

But I just tried Ardour 6 along with Zyn Fusion and I am really impressed and excited. Ardour has come a long way! Even though Arch (my distro of choice) has the latest Ardour in its repositories, I am still glad to be able to become a subscriber just so I can pitch in and help this fantastic DAW with continuing development. Keep up the good work devs!

Hi there fellow Arch user!

Here’s a nice list of plugins available either from official repos or the AUR that are friggin’ awesome:


Thanks so much! I never heard of Surge but will try it out. I will give some of the other plugins a try too! How do the plugins you listed compare to the Calf plugins? The Calf plugins seem to be a bit CPU intensive.

Also I noticed Surge isn’t detected as an instrument in Ardour, any way to fix this? I was able to work around by manually routing it. Also it seems to choke up my system when it’s loaded. It sounds nice but I’ll probably skip it for now. Are you using it successfully?

The plugins I listed I have searched for exactly because I needed to move away from Calf plugins due to them causing a lot of problems for many users. (I still use some of their stuff here and there, but less so)

The plugins I listed are all high quality plugins, so I definitely recommend giving them a go.

As for Surge, ah yeah, I am indeed using it very successfully (it’s my go-to synth), but sadly some people seem to have some problems with it. If you can be bothered, give these a go:

And see if one of those might work better. Surge really is an awesome synth that can do sooo many styles, I recommend giving it a real go and see if you can get it working. :smiley:

The bin version is working better for me. It’s detected as an instrument and doesn’t crash. But the GUI is really laggy. Do you have the same issue?

I don’t have that issue. That’s a bummer!

Awesome that you support this daw, its one of the few open source daws that support Linux and is really well made and works really well for both audio and midi. I would also support it but i’ll wait and see if some problems i have get fixed first. Do you also have the problem that you need to restart jack/alsa/pulseaudio to get sound when you open your ardour project.

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