New Album in progress recorded and mixed with Ardour

Hey Everyone,

Please check out my songs that I’ve been working on with Ardour. They are here:

There are several musicians from around the world working on it. Let me know what you think.


Generally, I think the vocal should be more force full so that the lyrics really get across to the listener. The voice itself has great quality - sometimes makes me think of Niel Young.

My favorite is “For sure”. “Case” is to messy for me - i cannot figure out what is going on.

The chorus in “Go away” is very close to you when listening through head phones - it takes you by surprise first time.

But overall a very enjoyable album with lots of musicianship from all participators.

Congratulations - you can be proud.


Thanks for the comments. I think we are on the same page. I’m the vocalist on these songs, and I’m working with a voice coach for the next few months and will re-track all the vocals then. Case is me playing the bass, which is why it sounds so bad. We have a proper bass player who has yet to do his thing.

Thanks again,