New Album done with Ardour (and VSTs)

Hi there

It took me over two years and my interests and abilities went further down another road, but eventually I finished it this year in June: My latest album KlingKlangDingDong. It lives somewhere between the genres of ambient and experimental electronics and there are a few influences of Berlin School.

The album’s web page:
Or on Jamendo:

(Free download under the terms of Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, pre-listening requires Flash Player or a Jamendo account for OGG streaming)

All recording has been done using a very old version of Ardour. So old that I don’t dare to mention it. Other software used includes ZynAddSubFX, Seq24, and Jackrack. FX were applied using the plugins from the LADSPA collection and using the free Kjaerhus VSTs. I used Jack to sync Ardour’s beat with Seq24, and from Seq24 I synced outboard equipment via MIDI.

On the hardware side I was using (am still using) a Behringer DDX3216 hooked up to an old RME card via Adat Optical (16 Channels I/O). Since I’m not using the buses on the DDX, I use that layer of the sliders as a remote control to Ardour via a standard USB MIDI interface. Apart from that, I’m using the mono reverbs of the DDX in some scenarios. Furthermore a Yamaha A4000 sampler was used as an external FX unit.

Meanwhile my life has changed a bit and I hope to focus more on Electric Bass +FX for my next recording project - and a recent version of Ardour which I’m looking forward to a lot.

Feel free to provide feedback for my music.


Really interesting stuff.
I have been playing ambient / experimental music for some years, and a Linux-based studio is something that really makes the job.
Great to find someone else who creates some eerie atmospheres with FLOSS :slight_smile:

Awesome. I’m just downloading the full album. Thanks a lot, DrNI!