New album "Arquitectura del tiempo"

let me know if this is allowed in the Made With Ardour topic.
Arquitectura del tiempo is our latest album, which was tracked and mastered in Ardour.

Portada_Arquitectura del tiempo_texto

A little bit more context: Ingrid Guijarro is a songwriter and friend of mine, we have been making music for around 6 years and for this album we decided to go full diy recording wise. The songs were recorded in April in a small cabin in the near woods.

And I wanted to share this here (apart for getting a little bit more tracktion) because we all in the band use ardour to create and share mockups of the songs among us, and I’m very thankful to have such a powerful daw that I can share with all of them :slight_smile:

Any comments on the music are appreciated and also if you have any (technical) questions for me feel free to ask.

Absolutely. That is exactly what this topic is for, audio recordings and creations made in Ardour.