New AATranslator release

It seems harder and harder to get around the forums these days but I thought I’d take the effort and give a quick update…

Lots of progress being made with AAF files for our next release.
Essentially, we can now create AAF files which either reference or embed both mono and/or stereo media.

It is interesting to note that while Nuendo will open an AAF with stereo media PT complains that the AAF contains stereo files and will only open them as mono - go figure.

The next release will contain a heap of other things but as far as AAF goes this is what we have so far:

  • AAF Export: Can now create embedded AAF files
  • AAF Export: Can now create AAF files which reference or embed stereo media
  • AAF Import: No longer crashes when AAF contains more than 1,530 embedded files
  • AAF Import: Further enhancements with complex MC AAF files
  • AAF Import: Issues with ffmpeg library which caused 24bit wav files to be written as 16bit - now fixed

I just thought I’d share


Thanks very much!


amazing, thank you!!