network ardour on linux to osx

Has anyone tried running Ardour 3 on a linux host, using an OSX machine as a back-end processor? I’ve done it before with betas (Ardour on both ends), but can’t make it work now.
I’ve been trying Ardour with Vienna Symphonic Library Ensemble, can connect, but connections are lost within five to ten minutes.
I’ve used Ubuntu Studio, Linux Mint with OSX Lion…
Maybe this is a Jack issue?
Any help, thoughts very much appreciated.

Ill try the ARDOUR - MacOs X version in a few days planing to add the VSL, and give you feedback

the VSL support wrote : if SSD are used, you need VI PRO:

JL: there is no version of Ardour on OS X that can use VSL (yet). so i am not sure what you’re thinking.

Paul: and with AU ?

AU/VST/AAX Native/RTAS compatible host (also works stand-alone)

@JL: JSL requires MIDI. Ardour 2.X (the only release for OS X at this time) does not do MIDI, just audio. Ardour 3.x will support instrument plugins.

Sorry Paul
thought Ardour 3 for OS X is on the road

OK: The OS X Intel release of Ardour 3 will be out in April 2013

Should be out in April yes. Never take dates as set in stone with any piece of software till you see the box on the shelf.