Nektar Impact LX88 troubleshooting

I downloaded the map from Nektar, opened kmidimon (as Ardour immediately crashed because it couldn’t load the MTC port when I tried to run it from the command line), and fixed the map so that the faders and knobs correspond to what they should, but nothing works. No transport functions, no panning, no faders, no mute knobs.

Reading through this archived thread it sounds like I need to load something into the keyboard? Anybody have any insight into how to get the LX88 working?

Setting the MIDI input to MIDI1 (I had it on MIDI2) causes the transport controls to work and for me to be able to manually bind things to the faders/buttons/knobs, but the MIDI mapping doesn’t appear to do anything.

Update on this, I decided to scrap it and just use it as an on-demand, bindable MIDI controller for instrument control rather than as a DAW controller, and bought a Presonus Faderport 8 for that instead since it’s extremely well integrated into Ardour already

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