Need sound card advice

Sorry if this has been asked. I was searching for a question similar to mine but didnt find one.

Basically I want to buy a sound card that will record guitar, vocals, and from my roland xp-80. i noticed some threads mentioning the delta 44 doesnt do midi but i’m not entirely sure how this would affect the xp-80 recording. Does this simply mean i would have to record like a regular instrument? Is the audiophile 2496 better suited for what i’m trying to do?

All I want to do is be able to records stuff and take my time editing/putting together the music. Live, real-time recording is completely unimportant. If midi capability somehow makes editing easier than I’d rather have that but I have no experience recording or using editing programs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I can recommend the Alesis IO|2 for that, a friend of mine bought it a few days ago, and it works perfectly!

If you just want to record something, either your Roland or whatever, you will not need any Midi funktionality. IMHO the Delta 44 is good choice because it has a good sound quality, low latency and good value of money. It was my first soundcard a few years ago. I only sold it because I needed some more channels.

In case anyone is curious i ended up buying a delta 66. it has the spdif out which allowed me to get rid of another card i used solely for digital out. was a pain in the ass to configure mostly because i had to hunt down bits & pieces of information from google and try all types of different configurations before i got it working. the most important bit was passing the model=delta1010lt option to the alsa driver. everything is working so far. thanks for the advice.