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Hi guys. I’m a jazz piano teacher and i recorded with my students a song. I am a noob in mixing and my problem are the lower frequencies. I’m not satisfied with this mix on this range. Can someone help me? What can i do to make clear lower frequencies? Thank you

TDR Nova.dll is a free EQ plugin that’s great. Assign it to your track, and loop your track as you play with the EQ settings, until you like what you hear. That’s the most basic way of achieving what you’re looking for, without talking about compressors and other advanced techniques.

Having said that, you can also add TDR Molotok.dll at the end of your fx chain, and play with the compressor until you like what you hear, and you don’t get clipping (the red numbers in the volume vu-meters).


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@Bendit Okay, i’ll try this plugin. Thank you for your help! Cheers

Hi wozzl, I’m getting an error message on your Soundcloud embed that the track couldn’t be found.
Can you reupload or share another link?

That said, from my experience with mixing, most lower-end mixing issues happen when you haven’t removed the ultra low end frequencies (say under 50-80hz) enough, or when you’re trying to mix on headphones, or when you’ve overcompressed the bass.

What does your hardware setup looks like? Are you mixing on monitors or headphones?

Hi. I did a re-upload now. Thanks

I have headphones (akg712-pro) and studio monitors. But in the car the sound is really different.

Well accounting for the differences between listening environments (Car vs Headphones vs home stereo vs laptop vs etc…) is typically part of the mastering process, not as much mixing.

That being said a quick listen suggests there is still some work to do on the mix as well, I think you could probably benefit by looking at the bass a bit in particular, you have a good tone, but it is lacking a little in punch. Just be careful not to overdo it as you can muddy up the mix quickly like that.

But also as more and more instruments get added in, you start to lose some of the rhythmic information from earlier (Drums and bass) so making sure you utilize automation to keep your mix balanced and developing, bringing instruments you want to the forefront, but then pulling them back again to have a balanced mix to build off of. This is especially true with your synth that comes in and starts to overpower aspects of your mix, never really leaving, but in fact seeming to build stronger as it goes (I am going to guess you are a synth player?).

Finally when you get to the mastering stage (So your entire mix sounds like you want it on your home system) then you could benefit from a little multiband compression most likely to help even out some of the frequency content, but honestly I would fix it first in the mix, I always prefer lighter processing for mastering if I can get it, no point trying to fix mix issues there.

Like the tune though.


@seablade Wow. Thank you so much for the infos.
“you start to lose some of the rhythmic information from earlier” - Absolutely true! I try to fix it and i’ll give a look on the bass. Puh, this mixing&mastering is really a science in itself. For me it’s totally new. But i really like it.

No, i’m not a synth player. I’m playing Jazz, with normal piano or Rhodes.
Ok, lets go to work on this tune now :slight_smile:

Thank you!

One thing I hear going on here is that the Rhodes is overlapping the bass, frequency wise, which is common in arrangements with both keys and bass. Couple of suggestions: tweak the arrangement for the keys to stay out of the bass more, or maybe roll off the bass in the Rhodes track a little so the bass guitar can be heard a bit more clearly. You’re going to have this issue whenever two instruments overlap in frequency, so EQ and panning can help. In live performance though, the arrangement would have to help keep the keys out of the bottom of the frequencies.

Sounds really nice, overall!

Thank you. I just finished and uploaded it on youtube. Thanks for the advice. I worked and worked on this song and after hours i didn’t hear anything. My ears i think was so tired, i didn’t hear what is right and what is wrong. It was crazy :smile:

But i still share the youtube link now with the video with my students. It’s not a perfect work, but i tried my best :slight_smile:

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