Need really basic guide to setting up hardware synth

Can someone point me, a new user of Ardour, to a very basic and detailed walkthrough of how to connect a hardware synth to Ardour and send a track to it? Specifically, I am using a Behringer 2600 with USB MIDI, and Ardour 6.7 running under Linux Mint 20.1.

I’ve managed to get MuseScore talking to the synth, so I know the MIDI connection is functional, but I can’t get anything out of Ardour and can’t find any documentation or explanations that are remotely useful.

Apologies if this is posted to the wrong place.

Assuming you do not need to use JACK:

  1. start Ardour using its ALSA audio/MIDI backend, being sure to tel it to use the ALSA sequencer MIDI system (lower left corner of the Audio/MIDI setup dialog)

  2. add a MIDI track to the session Be sure to pick “None” as the instrument for the track, since your instrument in this case is external hardware.

  3. ensure that the outputs of the MIDI track are being sent to the 2600 (this may happen by default if the 2600 is the only MIDI hardware you have.

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