Need help with external sends

wScreenshot_20210324_104355 Screenshot_20210324_105055
I’ve got a midi track going into a midi bus, the bus sends an external send to helm, helms output goes back to the master in. the midi signal never makes it to helm though.

fyi I don’t want to use the plugin version of helm.

While you say you are sending midi, first glance there looks a lot like you are using an audio send to send to Helm, not MIDI (MIDI wouldn’t have a L and R).

Might help if you included the full screenshots instead of the cut down portion just to be sure, but that is my first reaction anyways.


Solved it by putting helm in a carla rack and using the spanner icon. That always works for a bugged gui.

helm standalone doesn’t have capture in ports which is why i think my external send wasn’t working.

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