Need help with bug reporting


I’m doing some work with Ardour 3 and would like some advice on bug reporting. I have no experience with bug trackers and don’t exactly know how to go about using one, nor how to search to see if my bugs have already been reported. Is there a good forum post which addresses this, or a website you can refer beginners to?


  1. Groups are not behaving as I expect, for example although I have enabled ‘Sel’, selecting a region in my drum group often works for all but the one of the group’s tracks.

  2. Vertical scrolling in the sequencer window is problematic and often mousewheel scrolling won’t allow me to see the lowest tracks.

I also have some crashing happening which is repeatable (ie, it happens frequently), but I can’t individuate what causes it. Any strategies to narrow down likely culprits would be appreciated…



Hi Dan,

you will find answers to your questions about reporting a bug here:

You can check & edit the groups properties by right clic on it (colored zone left to the track in the editor, for example)

For V scrolling, you may also use page up/down, or select a track and Alt+down/up arrow

Best strategy to find the culprit seems to be: generate the backtrace of the bug, and inspect it if you understand what it says (personally I don’t, and want to say thanks again to people on IRC)))