Installation of x11, Ardour and the Jack package were no problem and are all up and running, under Tiger 10.4.7.

But some of the very basic info I need to start being productive isn’t in the manual, and I feel I’ve spent (more than) enough time and energy pokin’ around to warrant this (humiliating) post.

Can anyone please steer me toward a good tutorial…or maybe even take me under their wing (though, who has any time to spare)?


What exactly is it that you want to do?

It’s a lot easier for people to help you, if they know what your problem is. :slight_smile:

Just use ProTools 7 manual!

thanks for your replost (is it poor etiquette to thank repliers on the list…what with time, bandwidth and all…?)

my most pressing and immediate concern is basic signal routing, within ardour, itself; and when and how the jack router is employed in the stream of things (i.e., how everything interacts)

so you see, the reason for my having requesting ‘general info’ was because I need ‘ardour for dummies’-type hand-holding

perhaps i should take the other reploster’s suggestion and see whether i can download digital performer 7’s manual an’ see whether that’ll supply me w/what (think) i need

thanks for your time/attention/willingness to help (again, is it inappropriate to thank folks, here?)


in my last post, i meant to say ‘download the pro tools [not ‘performer’] manual’

hunting, hunting, hunting around on the digi site, hoping to find the manual download link, but can’t

i don’t suppose you could post or email me that link, could you, ptrubert?

thanks loads


thanks, fellas, but i found the standalone docs for pt7

sorry for the bother


Come to #ardour on

That channel deals with hand holding in the best way. It’s very difficult to give general help…

Regarding routing: ardours’ routing is pretty simple. Each audio track and bus has a set of inputs and a set of outputs all of which are visible as jack ports. Also both sends and inserts are jack ports. Ardour likes to handle these connections by itself (via ardours’ tools) so that the sessions’ state will get properly saved.

Generally a session has a stereo master bus which takes it’s input from all other tracks and buses. This is useful for controlling the overall volume of the project, and exporting “through” that bus is very handy.

See you on irc!

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that link does not work.