Need Help on Installing...

Am trying to get Ardour 2.0.2 to install using the scons. However, I am getting gthread-2.0 >= 2.10.1 not found. I have tried to figure this out and have come up empty. What is this gthread program, how can I check if I have it somewhere else, and if I do not have it, where can I find it to get the program installed? Please keep it simiple for me as I am a new user in Linux and learning as I go. Thanks for any help out there…

Let’s start with the beginning : which distro are you using ?

gthread is part of glib (or libglib).
Looks like you either don’t have it installed or the version you have isn’t recent enough.

Yes, glib is the library you’re missing. Remember to install both the library and its’ development pacakge. It’s needed to build software using that library.


Okay, I will explore that area…Thanks