Need help in building Ardour

I m new to ardour…
i tried building the ardour…
but i m not able to get it right…
can anyone tell me what and all i have to build and commands for building those libraries with proper version numbers…
when i build all those libraries the frameworks are not getting created … please help

You’ll probably have to give more detail to get more detailed help,
but it sounds as though you may have run into a problem that
I encountered before - when you build new libraries that you
need, often they are installed into /usr/local/lib, but
pkg-config is set up only to look in /usr/lib for libraries
by default. You can check whether this is the case by setting
the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH in the shell where
you’re trying to build: something like:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib

and then see if your build gets any further.

[a further challendge is to get this setting to stick
by default in all environments - try adding the
command to /etc/profile or to one of the scripts in
/etc/profile.d [or even create a script for that

If this gets you any further, you may still have a problem with ldconfig
not being able to find the libraries at runtime - in this case
you’ll also have to add /usr/local/lib to /etc/, or
to one of the configuration files in /etc/, if your system
is set up that way…

(others: charan is trying to build on OS X)

charan - we are not offering support for building on OSX beyond what appears on If the information presented there is not sufficient for you, then I very, very strongly recommend that you do not attempt a source build.

You already seem confused by the process - no frameworks are created, and the web page describes the versions requires for libraries not distributed as part of the Ardour source code.

ok can u tell me the flow of the code…
what is the entry point of the code,

ok can u tell me the flow of the code…
what is the entry point of the code,

Charan - if you need to ask this, then you should definitely not be attempting to build Ardour on OS X from source. Doing so is a job for a fairly competent programmer, and any such programmer would know how to read a C++ program. Why are you attempting to do this? What are your goals?

i want to build the ardour in windows

i want to build the ardour in windows

Charan, please do not double post.

Ardour doesn’t work in Windows so there’s no point in your trying to build it.

If you need a free DAW for Windows, try Traverso or Kristal.
If you want to run Ardour, install a linux distro.

  1. try really hard to use a pre-built binary, preferably from your Linux distribution