need help (editing question)

ok. im really new to ardour. ive been working with it for about a month now (my dad is a linux guy and set it up for me) but how do you cut a track in half so you can move 1 or the other side by itself?

click in the track to select the region. move the mouse to the place you want to split, press “s”. the region will be split in two at the mouse pointer location.

there are other ways to do this, but this is the most efficient.

this needs to be documented in the manual too :slight_smile:

thank you. is there a list of commands somewhere that i might not be aware of?

If you user ardour2 the file etc/ardour2/ardour.bindings may be of great interrest to you since it contains all the key bindings. If you use ardour1, it would be the file /etc/ardour/ardour.rc I guess. For a few things not documented in the manual and if you’re a little curious, it’s a good starting point for experimentation.

Of course all these should be documented in the manual someday.