Need help, can't activate plugin/fader in mixer strip

Hi ardouries,

in the middle of a mixing session i suddenly can’t activate plugin/fader.
Both plugins are kind of grayed out.

I must have done something, but i don’t know what it is.

Any hint from the community ?

Best regards

PS.: Any possibility to attach a screenshot ?

Have you simply deactivated this channel?

No, not deactivated.
I describe it detailed:
o i can hear what’s on the track
o fader for volume is working
o two plugins are in the mixing strip, including fader
o the plugins are “grayed”
o doubleclicking on the plugins doesn’t work

Did you start Ardour in safe-mode?
Are plug-ins in other channels active? Can they be edited?

No safe-mode
Plugins in other channels are active & working & editable

Could you try to rephrase that? What do you mean with “activate”? and “plugin/fader”?

What do you expect to happen when you “activate plugin/fader”?

Yes just press <PrtSc> and then <ctrl>+v paste it here. That may help to shed some light.

If the entire processor box is insensitive, perhaps you have frozen the track?
(right click on the track’s timeline in the editor)


PrtSc was too easy … really :slight_smile:

Rephrasing or screenshot, i opted for screenshot.

As one can see the plugins at are “grayed” and they are not clickable.
I can add further plugins, but they aren’t usable too.

Best regards

Looks like the whole processor-box (not just individual plugins) are insensitive.

Can you check in the Editor if the track is frozen? The context menu should have “Unfreeze”

Must have clicked the “freeze” without having noticed it !?

For my understanding:
I would freeze a track when i think it is ready and shall not be changed in any way ?!

Thanks and have a nice day

The motivation to add that feature was to save plugin DSP load. The track is bounced, with plugins processing applied, and then the plugins are disabled.

It can be useful if you’re using plugins that require a lot of CPU to process.

Okay, i understood how freeze works.
Not thinking of DSP load freeze is also an option
to make a track uneditable/readonly, so no accidental
edit can be done ?

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