Need Help (Ardour troobleshooting)

hello all :slight_smile:

I am student and i’ve a problem.

I made a project on a computer at my school.
Then at home, i put the folder with my session on my computer, and i opened it with Ardour (i’m on Ubuntu)
and it worked ! :smiley:

But today, i try to open the same session, and now i have a message :
Ardour doesn’t work, there are two explanations available

-Bad audio configurations
-Or Jack is already running with an other user.

I uninstalled Ardour and installed again, but it didn’t resolved the problem, i don’t understand because it was working yesterday.

Could you help me ? :slight_smile:

ps : sorry for my english, i’m working to be better ^^

Your audio is being used by another application. Try closing all other apps down; even your web browser if you’ve been watching YouTube etc.

If you still have problems, read a little about how Jack works:

Thanks you pleasebeus, now it works ! :smiley:

i’m going to read your documentation :wink:

I have just a last question :

When i am opening a project, a message displayed and explains me that the project is in 44100 Hz so it will be load it in 48 000 Hz.

I have the choice to load it in spite of this constraint, or i can just cancel it.

Do you know how could i load my project in 44 100 Hz ?

You need to start Jack at 44.1kHz. However some consumer interfaces, most notably those by creative will only run at 48kHz and there is not a lot you can do in that case. (You would need to resample the entire session, not something Ardour supports, but if you search here you can find out how).


Hi !

I have a good and bad news ^^

he good news :

I resolved my next problem just by choosing in configuration 44.1 khz, and unusually, it opened my project like i wanted !

But now i would like to export, so when i export my session to an audio file, when i open it, there are no sounds…and this was the bad new :frowning:

I hope that’s just a little mistake made by me and that could be resolved easily because i spend many days for my work and i will not do it again ^^

Thanks to help me and have a nice day ! :wink:

Make sure you check what outputs are making the export as described here…

Namely make sure the checkboxes on the right are checked appropriately.


There’s been an export bug in recent versions of Ardour (which looks like it might be fixed in 2.8.6) which caused an empty file to be exported sometimes. If the export dialog disappears immediately when you click on Export, it probably hasn’t exported properly. You need to keep trying until you see the progress bar working. Usually this works on the second or third attempt, but sometimes takes more. With very small files you might not see a progress bar even if it’s working properly, in which case you need to check the length of the exported file (eg. using `ls -l’).

Since updating to 2.8.6 I haven’t experienced this problem.

Hello ^^

I’ve good news ;

In the exportation pannel, i selected the two output points (for the general audio)
and then, i clicked on “specific tracks”.

I let all my tracks and just clicked on export, and now…IT WORKS !! :smiley:

But i had just a little problem when i opened the first time when i opened the file : there were jerks.

I have already jerks when i listen my work on ardour, i thinks that’s because i have too tracks.

However, when i opened the audio file again, it worked without jerks ^^

Therefore i want to say Thanks to you seablade and jrigg to help me to finish my work on Ardour.

Sometimes i had very impressive crash, but for me it was interesting to use this software wich is very rich in functions.

I have just a last question : could i find some tools in ardour, in order to change “the height” of a sound (As i can do it in Audacity in the menu “effects”.)

By “height” do you mean pitch (ie. what note it’s tuned to)?

You can change this by right clicking on the coloured bar at the bottom of the track or region you want to retune. On the menu that appears is the name of the track/region. Click on that and a large sub menu appears. Click on `Transpose’ . You can then set the amount of pitch shift in the pop up window that appears.

Actually now that I have time to respond, I believe [s]he is talking about the volume of the track.

You can do this a number of ways, one is to raise the fader on the track, or utilize an Amplifier plugin(Should be VERY readily availiable). However if you export and the file goes over 0dbFS it will clip and sound horrible. You can avoid this by right clicking on the region and in the context menu select ‘Normalize’ which will amplify the sound to the loudest it can without clipping. If there is to much dynamic range in the sound so that only that one part is loud but the rest is to quiet, you will need to use a compressor to decrease dynamic range.