Need a little help with midi regions

Hi there folks! I’ve decided to give ardour a serious go. To start off I decided to produce an entire song from scratch and I have a silly little problem.

When I create a midi region and I duplicate it X times, or copy and paste it X times, anything I edit in one region gets edited in the others too. While I can see the usefulness of this, I would prefer this to not happen. So far, the only way I have found is to copy the notes inside one region, create a new empty region, and paste the notes back in. Am I missing anything?

I also have a graphics rendering problem with a windows VST in win10. Unfortunately I am using windows 10 because I have a bunch of windows VSTs that will not run under linux (I’m a linux guy). The plugin in question is air technology structure 2. Whenever I enter edit mode, half the window turns grey, rendering the operation of the plugin useless. Has this got a solution? So far, the only thing I can do is edit the sounds using another daw, like bitwig or ableton, saving the preset and loading it in ardour. But that is a real nuissance.

I know that’s two different topics. I’m more interested in the first one at the moment.

Thank you all.

And thank you to the ardour team, and keep up the good work you are doing!


Thank you very much Seablade. I apologise for feeling lazy at this particular moment. I was expecting a quick answer from a nice person like you willing to help.
Although I have not read the manual entirely, I promise I will read the whole thing. Honest. So far, from what I have been reading, it seems a little bit incomplete, missing information here and there.
Forgive my momentary laziness.

I’m so lazy I didn’t even click the link!!! Sorry.
Thank you Seablade.

I think I’d better be off going to bed and getting some sleep :laughing:


Yep, I was posting remotely in a hurry, but for any others that find this thread, the basic gist is that link goes to a pretty well written explanation of exactly your question.

Sometimes we just need a little help finding the right spot to look is all.


For the second half of your post, the first question is do they have a demo or anything the devs can use to test with on their end? If so you could post a bug report on with the OS, Ardour Version, plugin info and version and the description you posted here. If not then it is hard for the exact issue to be found sadly, though it may be worth reaching out to the plugin dev and see if they would be willing to work with the Ardour devs to solve the issue.


I was wondering about this today too! Thanks Seablade. Having both options (dependant and independent) is a brilliant feature.

Where can suggestions be posted?

I see the usefulness that both methods of duplicating a midi region have. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them always available via shortcuts? Alt+d for one type and ctrl+alt+d for the other for example? And the different types of regions should be coloured differently to tell which ones are independent from one another. Or even better, marked with a number in one corner of the region to identify which group number the midi region is referenced to.

And why is that option burried in session properties and not under general preferences? I know I prefer orange to red, but I suppose the devs have a good reason for it to be that way.


I slept wonderfully by the way. Can’t wait til this evening to get my hands on ardour again.

Or an option in a context menu. Right click on a midi region and select “Make independent”, with a corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Suggestions and feature requests can be posted in the tracker ( however in this case I would caution against making a request of just ‘Make it a keyboard shortcut’ without a lot of thought. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. There are a LOT of existing keyboard shortcuts already, and limited number of free possible ones
  2. You can always remap any keyboard shortcut for your own use yourself

Now some of the other suggestions I think bear some consideration, such as differing coloring or similar, however you have to think as well about other aspects, for instance coloring, some people prefer color to be determined by track color to organize their session, how would this affect that? Icons on the track are another possibility as you mentioned, but would those icons be interactable, and if they are how does that affect typical interaction of the region, etc.

In as far as session preferences vs general preferences… the difference between the two is literally just which preferences travel with the session or not. So if you want to request it get moved from one to the other you should identify why you believe this preference should not travel with the session for instance. One really isn’t more buried than the other.

Again let me repeat you bring up good points, especially about visual identification of linked regions, so if a good solution can be found it would be great. If you can create mockups of your proposed solution and post them to the tracker under a more general bug report of ‘Add visual identification to linked midi regions’ it could spark some good debate and maybe work to include it.

Of course this is assuming that there isn’t already something there I just don’t know about, as I mentioned I don’t deal with MIDI much:)


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