Navigation through the project with key shortcuts

i ask here in the round, how to navigate best through the projects.
I found out Q and W to jump from Marker to Marker.
Left/right jump the the next grid point
Alt+Left/right jumps 3.3.0960 forward or back (Weird value…can this adjust e.g to 1 or 2 or 3 beats?)

Can i assign the start of a marker area to a key?

Have a look at Ardour Menu > Transport > Playhead that lists various keyboard shortcuts.

Alt Left/Right uses the nudge-clock (the small clock in the editor toolbar The default is 5 seconds. - You can right-click and change the unit to bar/beats.

As for jumping to markers, you can either assign custom shortcuts (Window > Keyboard Shortcuts), or use the numpad of your keyboard. 0…9 jumps directly to the given marker. and you can jump to any marker using the numpad decimal separator to enclose the marker number. e.g. .123. (or ,123, for locations that use a comma for decimal separation).

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OK - some things…

First: Tjhe Nudge clock can not set to go exact e.g. 2 bars - it makes always 2 bars and 1 beat. How can i make it?

Jumping to Markers: I have that list of areas. With Numpad 0-9 at the moment nothing jumps. But the keys 0-3 have an function. 3 starts recording… How can i assign the Numkeys to the area start points?
,02, jumps to the 2nd marker - but not to any area.
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Q and W is fine to jump through the areas and markers - but here, it hangs. I can’t navigate with W to right. If i set the pointer right of this point, i can normal navigate. What do i have to do, that it works?
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Congratulations, you have found a bug :slight_smile: Since 7.1-226 it is now possible set beats to 0.

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Thank you for your fast fix. Any idea why Q and W not work right jumping through the marker and areas?
Seems a “brake” is at the beginning of a Region (Take6 - picture above)

With 7.1.240 now testet - Q and W works no in this project. I can jump from Marker/Area to Marker/Area

But how can i assign key shortcuts to the startpoints of the areas…?

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